Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Europarliament Team of KKE on the US Senate Report on CIA Use of Torture

"The commonly approved text [of the Social Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens and GUE/NGL] attempts to obscure, behind the condemnation of horrific torture of 'suspects for terrorist acts' by the CIA, the responsibility of the US government and of the governments of the state members of the EU which cooperated with the US secret services, for acts of kidnapping, illegal detention, and the turning over of persons to the CIA. The text attributes torture and crimes to allegedly 'arbitrary' acts of the CIA and of the secret services of EU member states, thus obscuring the obvious fact that these were committed under government directives, by state apparatuses of the bourgeois state, which is deeply hostile to the people and which acts to protect the power of the ruling class.

It is characteristic of the obfuscation of the source of all the crimes of the secret services of the US and EU member states, of bourgeois power and its governments, that the text suggests torture didn't lead to information extraction; that it was, then, ... ineffective! Torture, kidnapping and murder by the secret services of the US, the EU and its member states, are constituent elements of bourgeois power and its state. The peoples can block and fully eliminate such elements only if, through their struggle, they directly confront monopolies, their unions, bourgeois power; only if they socialize the wealth which they produce and which belongs to them, emancipated from the EU and from imperialist bondage."
Translated by Lenin Reloaded

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