Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February, 1848

Music: Thanos Mikroutsikos
Lyrics: Alkis Alkeos
Vocals: Maria Dimitriadi

February, 1848

Manuel Duerte, from Capo Verde:
I may never see your face
yet, were I to judge from your
blood-strewn writing
it must be full of scorching sun.

Elberto Combos, my Panamanian brother:
I may never hear your voice
yet, were I to judge from the wind's
messages, it must be
as restless as your land.

Naim Aschab, from the Jordan river shores:
We may never shake hands
yet next to me the same star keeps wake
that keeps wake next to you,
and that is enough.

Tonight, our hearts have met
even in momentary synchrony
--the same hopes--
as our paths were lighted
by the pages of our Communist Manifesto.

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