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SYRIZA and Imperialism: On Libya

In the early months of 2011, SYRIZA's main party advocator, the newspaper "Avgi" (which hails historically from the days of EDA, when the KKE was banned and entered into coalition with Social Democrats in vain attempts to curtail anticommunist terror in the country), published a series of articles pushing for intervention in Libya. 

These articles have vanished from the newspaper's electronic archives, but, with the aid of more electronically savvy comrades than myself, they have been recouped.

Below, then, follows a translation from one of these, an article in "Avgi" by Dimitris Stoumbos, published on 26 February 2011. The original, Greek language article has been archived in my Greek language blog in the interests of preserving historical memory against its professional manipulators.

The only remaining electronic proof of the publication of the article, a screenshot of its abstract and title from a third-source "Avgi" archive. The newspaper regularly resorts to "disappearing" incriminating pieces of its propagandistic activity, once the horrendous results of what it advocates have become too difficult to falsify as "conspiracy theories".
The Insurrection is Giving Birth to a New Libya
D. Stoumbos
Date of publication: 26/02/2011

The reverse countdown for the blood-dripping dictator, Gaddafi, has started long ago; and now, confronted with the raging sea of the rebellion, he is becoming increasingly barbaric, increasingly savage, but also tragically ridiculous. For two weeks now, the youth, the people of Libya, have been out in the street, determined to put an end to the former toppler of the king, who quickly turned into one more despot in the region. The collision between the rebels  and the last vestiges of forces "faithful" [sic, in quotation marks] to the regime is extensive and fatal, a fact that makes the immediate eviction of the life-long dictator even more urgent. In his effort to slander the insurrection and to regroup his last Praetorians, he now speaks of ... Al Qaeda and of youth...under the influence of drugs and alcohol! At the same time, even officers, parts of the armed forces, have not only refused to strike their brothers, but have joined them and are now in control of several cities and regions.

In fact, however many lies the surrounded despot might spread, the insurrection has nothing to do with terrorism and with Al Qaeda. The only terrorism is that which his dictatorial regime has imposed for decades, and the terror of slaughter for those who dare resist. Al Qaeda may have sent a message now, but the rebels are not "instructed" by and are not relying on the terrorist groups of Bin Laden, etc. Those in the west, like Berlusconi, who even today consider the likes of Gaddafi a "defense" against Al Qaeda, are simply playing their own game. It is ludicrous to heed statements on the Islamic-fundamentalist danger and not react against the slaughter of a man whose hand you kissed (!), like the media tycoon has done. Even Gaddafi's formerly close allies, people like Abd Al Mouneim al Haouni (he was Libya's representative in the Arab League) are making clear that Gaddafi's isolation is total. The majority of his former comrades has abandoned him. Al Haouni characteristically underlines  the fact that "Gaddafi is nationally and internationally isolated, that's why he's led to crazy behavior". This is why he has not hesitated to use mercenaries from...Sudan, primarily armed forces from Darfour. Too late did he remember (like the deposed Pharaoh of Egypt, Mubarak) to increase...wages and benefits for families, while he is "promising" reinforcements in food supplies! These are desperate moves that will not quell the rage and the thirst for change in the people of Libya. Given the criminal attitude of the dictator, his support from Venezuela president Hugo Chavez, who, we hear, might "offer" an escape route to him, seems unsavory.

Essentially, Libya is already split in two: on the one hand to the East (near the borders to Egypt), where the insurrection and different armed groups are already victorious, and on the other hand the West, and the capital of Tripoli, which the regime still controls. But for how much longer?

The last blackmail of the Gaddafi regime, "either me or Bin Laden and Civil War", might have "worked" with some in older days. But now it's only a farce. It is a fact that in Libya, descent from the various tribes is still important, and it is not accidental that the regime has privileged the areas to the West of the tribes where it derives, many of which have supported the dictator. The social-economic forces continue to grow, poverty continues to be an issue for entire regions, while the faithful to the regime have stuffed themselves with wealth and positions. Now it's too late for doling "benefits", and the rebels are approaching the despot's seat in Tripolis.

The tribe of foreigners in Libya reflects the bankruptcy of the regime, which offered..."security" to investments; the geography of foreigners shows what the international involvement in economic-productive-commercial interests of every country is.  The thousands of Chinese workers and officers might be the best "picture" of contemporary interdependence in our world, like the rapid increase in petrol prices. But confronted by the tsunami of popular insurrection for democracy, freedom and social justice, dictators and the their allies (because of interests and geopolitics) will submit. Hence in Libya too, a new era is being born, which we hope will leave behind it blood-shedding, savage exploitation and absolutism.

Text translated by Lenin Reloaded.

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