Friday, February 6, 2015

On the EU's Provocative Answer to KKE regarding Ban on CP Of Ukraine, 17/9/2014

The EU’s provocative answer to the KKE regarding the attempt to outlaw the CP of Ukraine

The response of the High Representative of Foreign Policy of the EU to the question of the EU parliamentary group of the KKE in relation to the attempts to ban the CP of Ukraine was provocative. The EU parliamentary group of the KKE made the following reference in its press statement:

“The EU’s full support for the reactionary Ukrainian government and its aim to outlaw the CP of Ukraine and to escalate its persecutions against communists has been confirmed by the High Representative of the EU’s Foreign Policy C. Aston, with her answer to the Question of the EU parliamentary group of the KKE, which denounced the government’s persecution of the CP of Ukraine.

The EU Commission labels the Ukrainian government “the choice of the Ukrainian people after fair and democratic elections”, concealing that it ascended to power through a coup, in which armed nazi-fascist groups also took part, with the full support of the EU and its allies, NATO and the USA. It excuses the unacceptable decision to dissolve the Parliamentary Group of the CP of Ukraine, mentioning that this occurred “on procedural grounds”, while as regards the court proceedings initiated by the Ukrainian government in order to outlaw the CP of Ukraine it merely states that it “will closely monitor all developments concerning the case”.

The hypocritical wish list of the High Representative of the EU that “Any legal action must (…) ensure fairness and adherence to the recognized international standards (…) in particular as regards the respect of political, civil and human rights” and that “These commitments and principles are also enshrined in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement which was signed recently” is provocative.

It is provocative because the anti-communist campaign is a declared goal of the Ukrainian government, which is accompanied with persecution, attacks, threats and terrorism against the communists on the part of bourgeois parties as well as fascist gangs of the “Right Sector” etc. that support the government. These are the principles that are established in the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, this is the implementation of the EU’s proclamations about “democracy”: the elevation of the anti-historical equation of communism with fascism as the official ideology of the EU, together with the bans on the activity of the communists, the communist symbols and the communist ideology.

Anti-communism accompanies and supports the anti-people political line, nationalism, the abolition of democratic rights and popular freedoms, that is being imposed by the Ukrainian government in order to serve the local business interests that it represents, as well as the interests of the monopoly groups of the EU and USA that are consolidating their position in this country and in the wider region, massacring the people, in their confrontation against the Russian capitalists.

The KKE will strengthen its solidarity with the communists and working people of Ukraine, in order to strengthen their struggle so that the workers can make their mark on the developments, in conflict with the capitalists, their power and their imperialist unions.”

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