Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Golden Dawn's statement of support to the new Greek Government

First, let's meet the honorable MP of Golden Dawn, Christos Pappas:

Then, let's look at his cozy home's ordinary decoration, as photographed by the Greek Police:

Would you, dear honest left-leaning reader, who wishes to "support the left government of Greece", agree that Christos Pappas is a bona fide, hardcore Nazi?

Good! We agree! You can't take too much for granted these days, you know. Now, let us hear the honorable Christos Pappas' speech in tonight's Parliament -- after all, he is a legally elected MP!

Yes, I know! It's all Greek to you, right?

Allow me to translate:

"Ms. Chair [SYRIZA MP Zoe Konstantopoulou]:

The phenomena related to the devaluation of our institutions must cease. The stance of Golden Dawn in the present parliamentary period will remain responsible and consistent. Our Parliamentary Group will aid many of your future initiatives and acts, as those have been announced in the speech you made when you took up [government] duties. To be clearer: On our part, we will work so that Parliament becomes that which it ought to be: the expression of the will of all Greeks, and of the political forces chosen by the sovereign Greek people. We shall oppose any anti-popular and anti-democratic politics, as this was expressed by the previous government; a government of foreign rule, of slavery to foreigners, and of the selling out of our country."

Dear left-leaning reader, to whom are you expressing solidarity? Is it really the government that needs your solidarity? What about the working class? Are you that certain it has the ... solidarity of the government you support? From what exactly did you draw this certainty?

And then, how exactly do you differentiate your solidarity to the Greek government from that expressed by the honorable MP Pappas? How am I supposed to differentiate between the two? Should I be appeased by your beneficent intentions and content myself with chiding Mr Pappas for being, well, a meanie for expressing solidarity to the "wrong" government? The one you know is good for the Greek working class and Mr. Pappas deludes himself about?

Is there not something deeply wrong about the fact that he finds no problem expressing his "solidarity" with what you think is a "radical" step forward for Greek society? With, say, the "pride" and "dignity", conceived abstractly, of the "Greeks", conceived classlessly? With a government major media and many "alternative" media internationally have worked very hard to convince you represents "the radical left"? With a government every bourgeois party in the country "responsibly" supports?

Many years ago, our German comrades of the long abolished KPD spoke of "social fascism" in their country, referring to the collusion between Social Democracy and Fascism. Later on, the western left said they were crazy, or at least gravely mistaken and "defeatist". Are you very sure they were crazy, gravely mistaken and "masochistically" defeatist? Was Lenin also all these things when he emphasized the inherent relation between "opportunism" and "social chauvinism"? Was the CPGB's R.P. Dutt, who examined the deep collusion between Fascism and Social Democracy in the 1930s, a delusional wacko?

Well, we have drawn very different conclusions by studying German history, Lenin and Dutt.

Will you please do us the favor of thinking again about your nice and comforting assumptions before it is too late for many of us in Greece?

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