Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Golden Dawn vs KKE at Europarliament

Golden Dawn MEP: Sir Colleague, the right to strike is respectable and sacred, but the right to work is equally respectable. What is your view on the phenomenon of minority groups, coming from a specific political party, which refuse entry to corporations, often using violence, with the final result being to shut down these corporations, leaving everyone unemployed? Thank you.

Sotiris Zarianopoulos (already convicted for striking activity by the Greek courts), MEP KKE: We expected nothing else from the Nazis of Golden Dawn. They are lackeys of capital, they have relations to specific employers. They are funded to terrorize workers, to function as employer offices, as slave traders, so they can place dirt-cheap workers at the service of their bosses. That's what the Nazis are, that's what their role is, and that's what it always was. For this, they must be condemned and isolated by the workers themselves.

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