Friday, July 17, 2015

PAME: We denounce the plans of the SYRIZA Government to attack the demonstrators using riot police forces

July 15, 2105 PAME demonstration
PAME salutes the thousands of workers, unemployed, pensioners, young workers and students, the women, the self employed and small farmers who took part massively at the demonstrations of PAME on July 15th, all over Greece. The demonstrations send a message of struggle, not disappointment, of militancy, not defeatism, against the new brutal measures of the 3rd Memorandum of the SYRIZA Government.

We denounce the upgraded provocation plan of the Government of SYRIZA, to use the oppression forces of the riot police, alongside with parastate mechanisms during the enormous demonstration of PAME in Athens, on July 15th. This was a plan that aimed to break the demonstration of PAME, to intimidate the workers and the popular strata.

At the same time when, inside the Greek Parliament, we watched the formation of a new alliance among the bourgeois political parties between the social democratic SYRIZA, the liberal ND, the far right-wing ANEL and the social democratic PASOK and POTAMI, outside the parliament, we witnessed dark mechanisms attacking the people. There is no doubt that the imposition of such brutal, anti-worker policies demands the escalation of state and employers’ oppression. The repressive action of July 15th is not an isolated incident. It is part of the prerequisites of the new anti peoples’ agreement for the attack against the workers-people’s movement. It means direct intervention against the trade union organizations and their demands. They have planned escalating authoritarianism through new measures in order to prohibit and contain trade union action. They are preparing new trade union legislation to block the rise of class struggle.

We call on the trade union organizations to be on high alert to cancel these plans. We respond to the big capital, the Government of SYRIZA and its mechanisms, with organization and the strengthening of the class struggle. We reject wage or pension cuts, the abolition of workers’ rights. We raise demands based on the contemporary needs of the working class.

We continue to strengthen our struggle against the war they declared upon us!

Translation emended from English text at PAME.

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