Sunday, March 1, 2015

The remainders of a farce within a farce...

News report just in; prior to reading it, consult my brief introduction to SYRIZA "dissidence", if you haven't already done so. It will help you better understand the mechanism of submitting "protests" calculated in advance to never amount to anything else but good PR for the party's preferred deception narrative, that is that a "struggle within the party which wages a struggle within the terrain of eurocapitalism is being fearlessly waged; don't look anywhere else, stay with us". Or, in the KKE's far more laconic description, "revolutionary fireworks" as the Left Platform's line of party business.

The alternative motion of the Left Platform was rejected

The Central Commitee of SYRIZA rejected, with 92 votes against, 68 votes for and 5 blank votes [45 were...absent], the alternative motion of the Left Platform against the "Varoufakis list" and its content in the recent Eurogroup Agreement. 

In the motion, submitted to a vote on Sunday noon, the Left Platform claims, among other things:
We express our disagreement with the agreement and the list of reforms that were commonly agreed on at the Eurogroup meeting. Both texts represent an undesirable compromise for our country, and move in directions that are at distance, and in certain key aspects, in opposition to the programmatic commitments of SYRIZA.
The text that did get majority support, according to the newspaper "Ethnos", says, among other things, that the abolition of Memoranda is now a political fact that enters the public agenda of the EU, while also referring to "tough negotiations" that involved retreats, due to the real balance of forces. 

Patras Events

UPDATE: In response to New Democracy criticism of the party's deliberations, Mr. Lafazanis just released the following statement. You be the judge of whether it verifies or falsifies my analysis of the "Left Platform" phenomenon:
SYRIZA was, is and will remain --unlike New Democracy and others-- a radical political force with living and guaranteed democratic functions. 
Different opinions within SYRIZA are not only not persecuted, as usually happens in other parties, but are freely expressed in its collective procedures, and constitute an attainment and a source of power for our party, for the country and for its democratic, progressive prospects. 
Through our collective party procedures, the government becomes even stronger, more unified and with an even greater, almost unprecedented popular support, to guarantee the future of the country.

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  1. The "we are fighting things from within, but the balance of forces isn't helping us" line was bequeathed to SYRIZA from Nicos Poulantzas, in his preposterous attack on Lenin in "State, Power, Socialism" (1980). SYRIZA maintains a "Nicos Poulantzas Institute" with EU funding, as Poulantzas was a major voice against KKE orthodoxy after the 1968 split, and has been the main channel of Eurocommunist Althusserianism in the SYRIZA ideological arsenal.