Monday, March 16, 2015

Mobilization at the Ministry of Labor on Tuesday against the looting of public fund deposits

On Tuesday 17 March, at 11 am, the Confederations of workers in Medicine, Construction Work, Press and Paper and Social Security Pensioners will demonstrate their protest at the Ministry of Labor. They are asking for a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Security Dimitris Stratoulis [SYRIZA, Left Platform].

The Confederations are protesting the amendment submitted within the legislation "on humanitarian crisis", which posits that "funds deposited by Legal Entities of Public Law and Pension Funds in the Bank of Greece may be invested in toto to market contracts or the sale of Greek Government Bonds (repos)".

In their announcement, the Confederations note:

«We think the amendment is a continuation of the practices of previous governments, with stockmarket gambling, interest-free loans, the PSI "haircut" of pension funds in 2012. In this manner, the contributions of millions of insured workers are used to pay back debts they have not created.

We call on the government to withdraw the amendment and to return to security funds all the money the state and big employers owe. We call on workers and pensioners to be in militant vigilance."

902, trans. Lenin Reloaded

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