Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SYRIZA MP Kanellopoulou states she will sue Golden Dawn MP Arvanitis

SYRIZA MP M. Kanellopoulou announced today that she intends to sue Golden Dawn MP Avramis Arvanitis, as, during the Parliament discussion of German reparations for damage done in World War II, and upon her reference to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by Golden Dawn, Arvanitis allegedly made a gesture meaning he will cut her throat, and additionally slandered her father, ELAS officer Kostas Kanellopoulos, as a murderer in the Kalavryta region.

Needless to say, I stand fully in support of Kanellopoulou's intention to sue and hope she will have her party's support in doing so; zero tolerance to open Nazi provocation in parliament is essential. I hope Kanellopoulou's experience and her politically healthy response to it will cause other SYRIZA MPs to reconsider their egregious stance toward Golden Dawn in the past two years.

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