Thursday, March 26, 2015

On the Saudi Arabian imperialist attack against Yemen

Yemen: Saudi Arabian Attack with U.S. support
902 (KKE Portal)
Trans.: Lenin Reloaded

In an effort to roll back the reputedly rising influence of Iran in the territory of North and Central Yemen, which was in the last six months under the control of Shi'ite Houthi civil guards, the Saudi Arabian airforce and the airforces of ten countries from the broader Middle East, having received the blessings and support of the U.S. President, Barack Obama, have begun murderous imperialist attacks on Wednesday night. Their excuse is "saving" the pro-American Yemen President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The first bombs fell in an inhabited area of the capital, Sana'a, causing tens of casualties amidst non-combatants (among them, children); this, at least, is the information conveyed by the TV network Al Masirah of Yemen, controlled by Shi'ites, and by the Iranian satellite network Press TV. The Al Masirah network also encouraged medical personnel to urgently visit the capital's hospitals in order to aid the injured.

The coalition, which is led by Saudi Arabia, is undertaking military expeditions against Shi'ite Huthis in Yemen and has characterized the airspace of the country a "no flight zone." It is also worth noting that bombs have focused, at least at present, on inhabited Shi'ite areas, not in areas controlled by the Arabian Peninsula Al Qaida Jihadists (AQAP), who also frequently attack Yemen...

The imperialist attack against Yemen is undertaken by the Saudi Arabian leadership and appears to have the support, administrative and political, of at least ten countries, most of which are Persian Gulf monarchies (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrein), as well as of Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan, and the USA, which provides intelligence service support and administrative support, but is not directly involved in the air raids.

In an announcement allegedly issued in common by the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrein and Saudi Arabia, an effort is made to justify the imperialist expedition against Yemen as ostensibly an effort to "protect the country and its people from attacks by armed Houthis, who were and remain an instrument in the hands of foreign governments that have not ceased to meddle with the safety and security of our sister country, Yemen." In the same announcement it is indicated that "Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries are coordinating their efforts with Egypt", and it is emphasized that the "participation of Egyptian air, naval and land forces" is being prepared "in case of need."

It is worth noting, however, that the announcement in question does not bear the signature of Oman, the sixth member of the Cooperation Council of the Gulf, which has urgently met on Wednesday with the agenda of agreeing on launching an attack on Yemen.

The attack began shortly before the yearly Summit Meeting of the Arab League, programmed for the 28th-29th of March in the Egyptian resort Sharm El Seikh by the Red Sea. Given the developments, it is certain the Summit Meeting will focus on the attack on Yemen, but also on the request by Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi to form "an Arab rapid deployment armed force", that will take action not only in cases like Yemen's but also more broadly, using the excuse of fighting Islamic State Jihadists...

The air raids undertaken by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries in Yemen have been praised by the Yemen Foreign Affairs Minister of the Hadi government, Riad Yasin, who had demanded the launching of a foreign military intervention in his country on Tuesday, allegedly to stop the march of Shi'ite Houthis to the South, and specifically to the city of Aden. The pro-western President Hadi is reputed to be staying in Aden, despite rumors that he speedily escaped to Saudi Arabia.

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