Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nikos Sofianos (KKE) on the Mayor of Athens' statement of support to Antonio Ledezma

Member of the Municipal Council of Athens --elected through the "Popular Alliance"-- and member of the Politbureau of the Central Committee of the KKE Nikos Sofianos criticized the political and selective motivation of the Mayor of Athens, who expressed his support to the Mayor of Caracas [Antonio Ledezma]. He is under arrest on charges of being involved in a coup against the government of the country.

Sofianos noted: "We consider mistaken the Mayor's, Mr. Kaminis's, choice to adopt the arguments of reactionary forces supported by the USA and by corporate interests in Venezuela. The Mayor of Caracas, whom the Mayor of Athens supported through a statement, is openly undermining the people of Venezuela. He is a protagonist of the Venezuela coup in 2002, and has been charged seven times for a number of offenses, including 2 charges on homicide. The Athens Mayor's position on the Mayor of Caracas arrest on D.A charges suggests that there is political and selective motivation". Sofianos also recalled to memory Kaminis's silence when the Israelis were leveling Gaza.

902, Trans. Lenin Reloaded.

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