Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Proposition of the Parliamentary Team of the KKE on the content of the Referendum

The KKE calls on the Greek People to reject both proposals [Eurogroup's and government's] and to adopt the proposal of the Parliamentary team of the KKE which states:

"The government is proposing conducting a referendum with the question of whether the people approve or disapprove the proposal for an agreement submitted by the EU-IMF-ECB.

The Parliamentary team of the KKE believes that the issues that should be put to the people's judgment are the following:

NO to the EU-IMF-ECB and to the government's proposals.

Disengagement from the EU, Abolition of Memoranda and of all anti-popular implementation measures thereof."

The proposition, submitted by the Parliamentary Team of the KKE in quorum, was read in the Parliament by Thanasis Pafilis, member of the CC and Parliamentary Representative of the party, during his statement on the issue of the anti-constitutional character of the Referendum posed by Ev. Venizelos of PASOK.

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