Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lesbos Labor Center Announcement against the new NATO base in the Aegean

In the 66 years since the creation of the imperialist mechanism of NATO, humanity has experienced dictatorship, war and terrorism. This was and remains the role of such a mechanism, whose goal is to serve the interests of the plutocracy -- who created it in the first place -- and to repress and murder the peoples. The governments of our country, worthy supporters of capital all these years, not only did not oppose imperialist plans, not only chose to remain passive observers in all the wars close or far from our "neighborhood", but actively participated in them, since they sent the army outside our borders and offered military bases to assist the butchers of the peoples, to provide Americans, the EU and NATO with their attack base.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government continues in the same route, following the same successful recipe of defending the profits of monopolies and of opening new markets. Proclaiming allegiance to the Americans, the Defense Minister P. Kammenos announced the creation of a new NATO base in an island of the Eastern Aegean, following the permanent US demand for a base to be used by unmanned spy aircraft. It must be indifferent to the people, to the workers, whether the base will be in Rhodes, in Icaria or in Karpathos, which is the most likely scenario. What must be of concern to us is that the government is speedily moving ahead with the further involvement of our country in the belligerent plans of the USA, NATO and the EU in the broader Middle East and African region. In the name of supposedly fighting terrorism and "jihadists", but also in the name of supposedly "protecting Christian populations", the government offers earth, sea and sky to the imperialists, allowing the transformation of the Aegean into a battleground, since the new base will create an axis from Cyprus to Suda (Crete) and Karpathos, from where they will be able to control everything, but also create a new "entry gate" in the region, according to their conflicting monopoly interests.

Let us not allow the creation of any new base.

The islands of the Aegean must not become an attack base for the butchers of the peoples.

Let us make canceling their plans a people's affair.

We demand, here and now:

- The withdrawal of the proposal for a NATO base in the Eastern Aegean.

- The removal of all foreign military bases.

- No involvement of our country in the imperialist plans of the USA, NATO and the EU.

- Disengagement from the war-mongering Euroatlantic organizations.

- No involvement in imperialist interventions in other countries. Immediate return of all our military forces to the country.

- No tolerance for the new government measures.

- Neither land nor water for the murderers of the peoples.

- No NATO base at all in the Aegean sea.


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