Wednesday, May 6, 2015

PAME: Response to the Tsipras-Juncker joint statement

The Tsipras-Juncker joint statement is the harbinger of a new, guillotine-type agreement 

The Tsipras-Juncker joint statement issued today, and relating to labor and social security issues, as well as the presentation of its content as an indication of progress, mean that we are getting closer to new anti-labor and anti-people measures. The joint statement is the harbinger of a new, guillotine-type agreement for the people -- a new "Memorandum."

Just as the "Troika" was rebaptized as "Institutions", so the butchering of whatever labor and popular rights have remained in labor relations and social security is rebaptized "a modern and effective system of collective bargaining" and a "modernization of the pension system."

Do not be fooled! What they announced with the joint statement is the new onslaught that will base itself on laws on which the slaughter of labor and insurance rights was built during all the previous years. It is proved in practice that the bravado of the government concerning alleged "red lines" was thin air!

The new privileges to be conferred to corporations to protect and multiply their profit entail the solidification and reinforcement of the anti-labor framework.

The social dialogue staged in this period has as its goal, on the one hand to deceive the workers and to obtain popular consent for new measures and new Memoranda and, on the other, to win time so that the government and big capital can move on without obstructions and struggles, to the signing of a new agreement.

Let us not allow this! Let us answer collectively to the EU, the IMF and the government, to big capital, to the new governmental and employer-oriented trade unionism.

Now is the time to have our voice heard, loud and clear! Through a mass militant response, let us put an end to the trade in terror that succeeds the trade in hope. The last five years have bankrupted the people using the exact same dilemmas and the same forms of blackmail.

Only popular and worker struggle, with mass strength and duration, first and principally in the workplaces, can hold back the attack.

We call on the working class and its trade unions to take militant decisions, to not accept the new agreement-Memorandum, however they name it.


Our path, with no poverty, unemployment, Memoranda.


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