Saturday, May 2, 2015

1st May 1944-30 November 2014, Kaisariani


On 27/4/1944 Communist bandits ambushed and murdered, in unmanly fashion, a German general and three of his entourage in Molaoi, Sparta. Many German soldiers were injured.

In retaliation, we shall:

1. Shoot 200 Communists on 1/5/1944,

2. Shoot all the men the German troops encounter on Molaoi, on the way to Sparta, in the surrounding villages.

Under the influence of this crime, Greek volunteers [Nazi collaborators] have willingly murdered 100 more Communists.

The Military Commander of Greece.
Historian Menelaos Haralambides on the Kaisariani executions:

1 May 2014: KKE GS Dimitris Koutsoumbas visits the Shooting Field of Kaisariani in memory of the 200 Communists executed on 1 May 1944:

30 November 2014: KKE candidate Elias Stamelos wins the elections for Mayor of Kaisariani:

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