Friday, May 15, 2015

Def Min P. Kamenos suggested creating a NATO base in the Aegean-Response of the KKE

Minister of Defense P. Kammenos announced that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government will propose the creation of a NATO base in the Aegean, a fact that involves the country even further in the dangerous imperialist plans of the wolf pack.

Speaking at an "Economist" conference, P. Kammenos noted that he will submit this proposal during his upcoming visit to the U.S.

Confirming that the elaboration of this proposal is at an advanced stage, he mentioned that there is a Ministry study that takes into account the Suda, Crete base and NATO needs. However, he did not reveal the island on which the proposed base will operate.

The excuse he gave for the creation of this new attack base in the NATO war machine was that with this base the "Alliance" will have direct knowledge of Turkey's behavior. Of course, through the previous years, the elevation of NATO to the status of an arbiter of Greek-Turkish differences not only did not prevent Turkish provocations, but legitimated Ankarra demands, as NATO does not recognize borders in the Aegean.

The Minister of Defense said that Greece will continue its military collaboration with Israel and will go ahead with joint military exercises with Egypt and in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates. He also mentioned that NATO and the EU must cooperate with Russia, expressing the intention of the Greek government to work as a communication channel between Moscow and the EuroAtlantic axis. Specifically regarding military cooperation with Russia, he emphasized that the Russian arms systems Greece owns are embedded  in NATO planning. As he characteristically mentioned, "S-300 systems in Crete protect Souda."

Advertising the readiness of the SYRIZA-ANEL government to actively support a series of imperialist interventions so the [Greek] bourgeoisie can bolster its role in the region, he mentioned Greece's importance as a security factor in the larger area and as an advance frontier of "western values", while he not accidentally made reference to the special danger constituted by the spreading of terrorist groups "everywhere."

The KKE comments

In its comment on the statement regarding the creation of a new NATO base in the Aegean, the Press Office of the KKE states:

"After the F.A Min's dancing and singing in the NATO summit, the government, through Kammenos, is now proposing the creation of a new NATO base in the Aegean, and the reinforcement of US presence in the region.

His argument that in this fashion the country will be protected from Turkish provocations cannot even convince little children; it is long known that NATO legitimates Turkish aggression and the questioning of Greece's sovereign rights.

The people, particularly those who feel that they are leftists and radicals and who have fought for years against NATO and its plans can draw their conclusions, condemn the dangerous stance of the government and not allow these plans to materialize."

902, Trans. Lenin Reloaded

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