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The Radical-Messages of Solidarity from all around the World

The Radical, 25 June 2012
Heroic Struggle of The Striking Steelworkers
Messages of solidarity from all around the world

Messages of solidarity for the heroic struggle of the steelworkers have been sent from trade unions and other organisations, political parties, from various countries in the world. Specifically messages have been sent by :

Trade Union International Metal (TUI Metal) of the WTFU. The General Union of Palestine Workers. Usb Italia. Stockholm's Metro Trade Union. Catalonia's trade union coordination (Coordinadora Obrera Sindica). Trade union front of Canary Islands (Frente Sindical Obrero de Canarias). Pensioners' central trade union of Spain (Central Sindical Unitaria Pensionistas Estado Espanol). Technical, Engineering and Electrical Union Ireland. Danish Committee of Solidarity to the Steelworkers. Youth organisation REBELL in Germany.

Political Parties
Labour Party of Belgium. Communist Party of Serbia. Communist Party of Pakistan. Labour Party – EMEP Turkey.

Formal protest to the Greek Consulate in Melbourne
A formal protest was carried out in the Greek General Consulate in Melbourne, Australia yesterday morning by a delegation of trade unionists which gave a complaint resolution of the Federation of Greek Progressive Labour Associations of Australia. Moreover solidarity messages to the struggle of the steelworkers have been expressed by a number of bodies of the trade union movement of Australia.

Protest in London
On Monday a formal protest took place in the Greek embassy in London, organised by Greek immigrants, the organisations of KKE and KNE (Communist Party of Greece and Communist Youth of Greece). A delegation from the trade union RMT (Workers in transportations, railroads, ships) participated and delivered a letter of complaint signed by the General Secretary of the trade union Bob Crow, to the Greek ambassador.

Among the attendants were friends and members of Tunteh of Iran (Illegal Communist Party), from the “Etachind” movement in Tunisia, the co-ordinator of the Communist Parties in Britain and the Women's Committee, members of the Union of Communist Youth of Cyprus. In the end the protesters posted on the door complaints their resolutions and letters of complaint as the embassy refused to receive them, with the pretense of being closed, though they had time to call the British police to supposedly … restore order.

Translated by: Yannis Tembelis
Translation edited by: Lenin Reloaded

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