Thursday, August 2, 2012

Communist Party of Greece: Announcement on the terroristic use of lay-offs at the Steelworks

Communist Party of Greece: Announcement on the terroristic use of lay-offs at the Steelworks

The Communist Party of Greece wishes to inform the people of the six new terroristic and vengeful layoffs of pioneer militant steelworkers, which the big capitalist Manesis deployed to damage their indomitable ethos. It is not at all accidental that big capital and its associates have targeted the six workers arrested by the forces of state repression during their violent invasion of the factory gates, after a D.As decision and the PMs commands. Among the six militant workers fired is one member of the Governing Board of the Union and two replacement members of the same Board.

Manesis' uncontrollable aggression, the display of hatred on behalf of his managers and bullies against the heroic steelworkers has the support of the ND-PASOK-DIMAR government, the state apparatus as a whole, the television and newspaper media that serve the plutocracy. The Minister of Labor is multiply exposed and shares responsibility for the new terroristic threats, since he covered up and encouraged the lies and provocations committed against the steelworkers in the name of allegedly protecting the right to work.

The Minister of Justice has political responsibility and cannot remain silent when District Attorneys and other judges function brazenly as Manesis' instruments, participating in the planning of terrorizing and repressing the just struggle of the steelworkers.

This is the democracy of big industry and its servants: threats, slander, brutal terrorism, cynical exploitation of the workers: this is what they wish to see reign in their factories and workplaces. To ensure profit and competitive edge, they demand with every means necessary that workers accept immiseration, subjection and humiliation.

The savage and concerted attack against the heroic workers of the Steelworks must arouse the rage of the people and particularly of the working class, the progressive people. Now is the time to raise the front of class solidarity, class unity and a counter-offensive. The struggle of the steelworkers concerns the entire working class, is an example to all and shows the path of the intransigent class struggle for justice, honor and the victory of the working class.

Translated by: Lenin Reloaded

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