Thursday, April 30, 2015

KKE Parliamentary question on Ukraine statements by Min. Kotzias

KKE MPs Giorgos Marinos, Liana Kanelli and Thanasis Pafilis have submitted the following Parliamentary question:

«During his recent visit to the USA, Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias stated, after meeting with American counterpart John Kerry (Washington, D.C, 20/4/2015), that he informed his American colleague of the "aid we provide to Ukraine at present."

This statement comes at a moment when:

- The Ukrainian Parliament has approved an anti-historical law that equates fascism and communism and uses this as a basis to obstruct the activity of communists and the propagation of communist ideas.

- Historically legitimated local fascists, belonging to the so-called Ukraine Liberation Army, through another law.

- Dmitro Yarosh, head of the Nazi organization "Right Sector", is appointed as consultant to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

- Opponents of the government are assassinated, while journalists like Sergey Dolgov, abducted from the offices of the newspaper he edited, disappear, political opponents like Alexander Bondardchuk, editor of the "Working Class" periodical, are imprisoned, and P. Simonienko, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, is subjected to several hours of interrogation and to persecution.

- New anti-popular measures are adopted, within the framework of the obligations of the Ukrainian government to the IMF and the EU, on the basis of anti-popular Memoranda.

We ask the Minister:

What kind of "aid" is the "Left" Greek government providing to Ukraine's reactionary government today?»

902, trans. Lenin Reloaded

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