Saturday, April 18, 2015

For the first time US and Israeli military forces will participate in the exercise of the Greek armed forces “Iniohos 2015”

The SYRIZA-ANEL government, operating in the same framework as the previous ND-PASOK government, is also taking further steps in the connection of the Greek armed forces with those of the USA and Israel.

So from Monday the 20th to Thursday the 30th April, the joint, medium-scale exercise “Iniohos 2015” will be conducted in combination with the Navy’s “Astrapi” exercise. The exercise provides for the conduct of complex aerial missions over the entire Athens FIR, with the participation of a large number of airforce-naval forces, as well as units of the army, while, for the first time, military forces from foreign counties, specifically Israel and the USA, will take part.

The exercise is connected to the attempt, which is dangerous for the people, of the local bourgeois class to enhance its geostrategic position by developing its cooperation with the USA and Israel. An even greater involvement of the Greek armed forces in the imperialist plans in the Middle East and North Africa is expected.

It has now been revealed in practice how mistaken the celebrations concerning SYRIZA’s victory in the elections were; celebrations in which various leftwing and even communist forces, including  forces from the Middle East, participated.


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