Friday, July 27, 2012

Worker's Victory in "Phone Marketing"!

Worker's Victory in "Phone Marketing"!
16 July, 2012

The first worker's victory against the measure of work-hour reduction is a fact.

The workers in "Phone Marketing", which is situated in our area (Ergasias 2, Eleutheroupoli) after 114 days of strike, managed to cancel the measure according to which they were to work for 8 hours a week (for 140 euros a month gross*).

This is the first workplace where this takes place after the law was voted; they also managed to have no one fired!

Additionally, they signed to go back to work according to the old EGSSE** (the vast majority of workers in the company were paid according to this) and not according to the new one, which includes shocking reductions of salaries, especially for all young workers under the age of 25.

The heroic fight of these workers must be an example for us all. The workers win justice and their lives through struggle; not through submission, commission and fatalism.

The workers in Phone Marketing paved the way. They organized themselves in their departmental union (SETHP), they came in contact with All Workers Militant Front (PAME) and with the People's Committee of their area and above all they fought collectively, in an organized manner, unremittingly.

We salute once more the Heroic Struggle of the Strikers in Phone Marketing. Your victory is a victory for the Working Class.

The right of the Worker is the Law
No one is alone in the Crisis
One for all and all for one

The announcement made by the strikers:

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* including insurance, before taxes etc
** National General Collective Labor Agreement

Translated by: Ijon Tichy
Translation edited by: Lenin Reloaded

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