Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AWMF Truck Drivers' Struggle Committee-Don't accept the transport of goods from "Greek Steelworks"!

All Workers Militant Front Truck Drivers' Struggle Committee
Don't accept the transport of goods from "Greek Steelworks"!

The Truck Drivers' Struggle Committee of the AWMF issued a call to all drivers to express their solidarity for striking steelworkers by refusing to transport goods from "Greek Steelworks", expressing its own unconditional support to the striking steelworkers.

In its statement, the Committee notes: "For nine months, the striking steelworkers have been giving a courageous answer to the drastic attacks of the capitalist mogul Manesis--owner of Greek Steelworks--and of the political lackeys of the ND-PASOK-DIMAR government, by waging the harsh but heroic struggle of a strike. They have not relented through the blackmail and provocations deployed by the employer; nor have they relented through the threats and terrorism of the Riot Police deployed by the government, itself acting under employer's orders.

Having as their leader their class-conscious Union, and using as their weapon the solidarity of all workers, they are standing their ground and showing us the path of struggle.

We, truck drivers, are expressing our unconditional support to the struggling steelworker strikers. We will stand with them, next to them, at the factory gates. It is our duty but also an honor to struggle on their side. The threats and intransigence of the employer and of the political or non political lackeys who serve him will not stand."

The Radical, 25 July 2012
Translated by Lenin Reloaded

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