Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What IS Syriza's position on NATO?

Some folk abroad have expressed concern with the very sensible question reflected in the title: they want to know what SYRIZA's position on NATO is.

As with all things SYRIZA (the party that is all things to all people -- except commies), however, the answer is a lot more complicated than the question; I've done the work of tracing it already for Greek readers, so here it is in translation. Enjoy.

1. NATO has had no reason to exist in the last twenty years. Attica Administrative Ruler Rena Dourou, June 2012.
2. Disengagement of Greece from NATO. April 2012, SYRIZA Press Announcement.
5. Exiting NATO is a stable SYRIZA position. MP Karagiannidis, January 2013, "Ethnos" interview.
6. Greece has no intention to leave NATO. MP and Minister Yanis Varoufakis (and James Galbraith), NYT, 23 June 2013.
7. Leave NATO. MP and Minister Dritsas, 5 September 2014.
8. Struggle for NATO to dissolve itself. MP Vitsas, 8 September 2014.
12. Against NATO, but leaving it is not a priority. Panos Trigazis, SYRIZA Foreign Relations Coordinator, 1 October 2014.
13.  Our good relations with NATO will not be harmed. Panos Kammenos, ANEL leader and Minister of Defense of the SYRIZA-ANEL government. 5 February 2015.
14. We want an active role on the side of NATO against terrorism. Panos Kammenos (in the same statement as #13).

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