Tuesday, February 10, 2015

KKE GS D. Koutsoumpas, on the "Left", Parliament speech extract 10/2/2015

Since a number of people here claim to speak on behalf of the Left, often addressing KKE:

The Left, those who fell in the battlefield, were shot, were imprisoned, were persecuted, joined the struggle in "the years of stone", of the harsh battles of EAM, ELAS, EPON, of December 1944, of the Democratic Army of Greece, of 1-1-4, of the anti-dictatorship struggle, and, after the dictatorship, of "Out with the US and NATO", of "EU and NATO are the same trust", of the socialization of big corporations, etc...all those people have not authorized anyone in here to speak on their behalf. Neither are "passports" whose expiry date has passed valid.

Really, can you place the banner of EAM, of ELAS, of EPON of the Democratic Army next to NATO's flag, which SYRIZA and its government hoists high, thrusting us in the maelstrom of bellicose adventurism in the "Bermuda Triangle" of the Ukraine, Syria and Libya, like its parading ministers said?

Can the banner of the class struggles of our people join the banner of the EU of monopolies and memoranda?

Can the values and ideals of a better world, without the exploitation of human beings, be left by our people to be trodden on by anyone who gets on the podium of this Parliament?

These are rhetorical questions. [...] And of course, I am addressing those who tried to give us lectures in history, in Marxist-Leninist theory, from this podium. But let that be, we know their kind well.


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