Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Migrant Workers! PAME stands by your side!

PAME mobilization in Manolada, after migrant workers' shootings

Migrant worker,

You are in our country and you struggle to make a living for you and your family. 

You are facing thousands of difficulties to ensure a residence permit, to have a job, to have somewhere to live and to feel safe. 

We know that in some cases they do not pay you, in some other they steal your wages and in some other they force you to work for more hours than those required. We know that the government of our country with the laws it applies and with the European directions that it follows, wants you half-illegal, half-legal, so that the bosses can exploit you; they want you to be afraid to claim your rights.

The laws that have been voted by the governments up to now not only do not solve any of your problems, they also pave the way for greater attack against the movement and the militants who resist the plans of our exploiters. 

The mechanisms of the capitalist E.U. take all the measures so that you will be the worker who is underpaid and is afraid to raise your head to your boss. 

Migrant worker,

PAME stands by your side. The Greek workers who struggle for your rights know that Greeks and immigrants have common enemies and common interests. They know that thousands of Greek people have to migrate abroad to find a job every day. They know that we can struggle, “all for one and one for all”. 

PAME has supported and continues to support the workers in Manolada who were shot when they demanded their unpaid wages. PAME stands by the workers in factories, construction places, workplaces, schools where their children go, hospitals where they are hospitalized when they do not have insurance. 

At PAME offices (5β, Ag. Filotheis str.) there are departments of Greek language learning where you can learn the Greek language, and lawyers for legal advice. 

You can come with us, join your trade unions. They need you and you need them. The common organized struggle is necessary so that we will not become modern slaves. 

IMMIGRANTS’ SECRETARIAT, PAME (All Workers Militant Front), translation emended by Lenin Reloaded

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