Thursday, August 9, 2012

Threats and possible attempt against the life of the Secretary of the Governing Board of the Steelworkers' Union

An incident that raises many questions

A strange incident that gives rise to many questions occurred yesterday morning. The secretary of the Greek Steel-Industry Worker’s Union, Nassos Pavlakis, had a motorcycle accident while riding to work, which resulted in minor injuries.

At about 6:15 am, N. Pavlakis was riding his motorcycle from Keratsini to the Steel-Industry, via Skaramagka avenue. When he had reached the end of the bridge that leads to Athens-Corinth avenue, and before entering the avenue, he rode through a mass of petroleum on the concrete and fell off his vehicle, ssuffering a strain injury. After Traffic Police examined the scene of the accident, it was verified that gasoline was indeed spilt on the spot. Petroleum is especially dangerous for motorcycle riders, in comparison to other types of oil, because it is transparent and much more difficult to spot. Immediately after the unionist’s accident, another scooter-driver fell off his vehicle, while the driver of a large motorcycle who rode by afterwards maintained his balance. This suggests that the petroleum spill was “fresh” when N. Pavlakis was driving by.

It should be noted that:

According to N. Pavlakis testimony to the Radical, he had been receiving anonymous, threatening phone-calls from a coded number at his home telephone. The frequency of these calls was intensified during the last ten days. In the phone calls, he was told to “Be careful, because you are a good guy after all,” “Watch your behavior,” “Watch who you talk to,” etc.

The night before his accident, he received three such calls –the first one at 7 pm and the last one at 9:45 pm. In the first call, around 7pm, he was told to “Be careful while you are riding because you are a nice guy and you have a family;” the unknown caller then hang up the phone. In the second call, around 8:30 pm, he was told the “The road is dangerous” before the phone was hung up again. In the third call, a few minutes before 10 pm, he was told that “On the road, this morning, danger will come” before the anonymous caller shut the phone once more. While these calls took place, the unionist was receiving more calls at his mobile phone from an encrypted number, to which he didn’t reply.

All this gives rise to serious questions.

Translated by: Baron Cosimo
Translation edited by: Lenin Reloaded
Video: Nasos Pavlakis interviewed during the second month of the strike. From the blog:

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