Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Europarliament Group of the KKE on the dangerous developments in Ukraine

In a letter addressed to the President of the Europarliament, Martin Schulz, the Europarliament group of the KKE has condemned the adoption of a reactionary law imposing Mass Media censorship in Ukraine as well as the initiative of a Czech MEP, known for his anticommunist activity. The letter is as follows:

"With the present letter we would like, first of all, to denounce the new, reactionary law of the Ukrainian government, which imposes a regime of censorship on the Mass Media, publishing, films and every cultural and artistic creation, in the name of "protecting national security" and preventing the "fomenting ethnic hatred." This law constitutes another dangerous element of the politics of the forces that seized power after the intervention of the USA-EU-NATO in Ukraine, which took place in the midst of competition with Russia and the antipopular schemes of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie.

This is another strike of the Ukrainian government against the people; supported by fascist forces, the government continues to bomb Donbas and has banned the CP of Ukraine, while abductions, persecution and threats against communists and other workers and racist murderous attacks by fascist shock troops continue.

The EU bears grave responsibility for these dangerous and worrisome developments as it has rewarded the reactionary government of Ukraine by recently ratifying the Agreement for the connection between the EU and Ukraine.

In addition, the Czech MEP of the EPP J. Stetina has – as we have been informed - anounnced his invitation to A. Biletsky, leader of the Neonazi Azov military battalion, in the context of an event he is organizing in the Europarliament in the Fall. The announcement of this event in the Europarliament has already caused a wave of protest by political parties and social organizations.

These reactions are due to the fact that Α. Βiletsky is a known fascist, the leader of the Social-National Congress that is part of Ukraine's Right Sector. The activity of Biletsky and of the fascist groups he heads is no other than murderous attacks in the Donbas region, against workers in the area. He stands accused of war crimes while he is also known for his racist and fascist views, his revolting theories on Aryan superiority.

With this invitation, MEP J. Stetina is continuing, obviously, his anticommunist activity, which is very old. He was a protagonist in the proposal to ban the Communist Youth of Czech but also the CP of Bohemia-Moravia. Those machinations were defeated through the struggle and the exposure of communists, the Czech people and the global mobilization for solidarity to Czech communists.

With this letter, we emphasize our complete opposition to the dangerous developments in Ukraine, the flaring up of state repression and anticommunism, the curbing of basic democratic rights, the open encouragement and sheltering of fascism and its murderous hordes. We state that such an event in the Europarliament as the one planned with the participation of Α. Biletsky or other Nazis who lead racist attacks is a major provocation, is damnable and must be cancelled with your own intervention as well."

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